A dog will take direction,
and you can take better pictures of your dog.

     Learn the secrets of the trade in How To Photograph Dogs:
                                                           A Comprehensive Guide.

Everything you need to create great photos of your dog is included-from how to produce a handsome portrait to how to get an exacting action shot. You'll get sound advice on the fundamentals of working with dogs and how to create the vision you want to achieve. Learn how to prepare for a shoot, how to choose the right location and how to use your camera to get stunning results. If you're a professional photographer or simply a dog lover with a lens, you'll find How To Photograph Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide an indispensable book.

How to Photograph Dogs
This books been listed as "Out of Print" by our previous publisher. We HAVE a new publisher and are busy right now updating it with lots of tips regarding Digital manipulation and management... we're looking forward to seeing the updated book on the shelves (and here on our website..!) with-in the next 6 months. Until then we can offer you a file download you can read in any browser. It's a copy of the original book, we scanned the pages and wrapped a little html around them to make it easy to "flip the pages".
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